Episode 21: Snow Before Sunshine

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Episode 21 is now available. See the summary below for more information. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


Title Episode 21: Snow Before Sunshine
Published 2013-05-15
Host Pat Richard
Co-hosts: Exchange Johan Veldhuis, Serkan Varoglu, Dave Stork, Mahmoud Magdy
Co-hosts: Lync
Guests: Exchange
Guests: Lync
Producer Dave Stork
Editor Dave Stork
Episode # 21
Length 01:00:53



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Comments (1)

  • Benoit Boudeville


    Since Exchange 2007 (and probably SP + Rollups but can’t remember which…), it is plainly possible to convert a MailUser WITHOUT any custom script/action.

    Just do Enable-Mailbox -Identity and voila !

    If you need to preserve the targetAddress you indeed have to save if before. And if you want to remove any address that are not declared as Accepted Domains, just analyse the EmailAddresses mapping.

    That thaid, the worse with the script is that it doesn’t try to preserve the legacyExchangeDN, which has been the basis of Exchange for about15 years… 🙂


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