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Welcome to the website of the UC Architects. Let’s start with a short description of who the contributors of The UC Architects website are and what our project is.

Who we are

All contributors of the website are people with a passion for Unified Communications. Most of these contributors are active in the Exchange and/or Lync community via:

  • Their own blog
  • Several forums (such as Technet, Experts Exchange, etc.)
  • Blogs on other websites

The following people are the current group of contributors:


UC Architect Twitter Blog
Steve Goodman, MVP Exchange @stevegoodman http://www.stevieg.org/
Pat Richard, MVP Exchange @patrichard http://www.ehloworld.com/
Michel de Rooij @mderooij http://www.eightwone.com
Serkan Varoglu @SRKNVRGL http://www.get-mailbox.org/
Johan Veldhuis, MVP Exchange @jveldh http://www.johanveldhuis.nl
Tom Arbuthnot, MVP Lync @tomarbuthnot http://lyncdup.com/
Mahmoud Magdy, MVP Exchange @_busbar http://autodiscover.wordpress.com
Dave Stork @dmstork http://blogs.dirteam.com/blogs/DaveStork/
John A Cook @johnacook http://johnacook.wordpress.com/
Paul Cunningham @ExchServPro http://exchangeserverpro.com
Ståle Hansen, MVP Lync @StaleHansen http://msunified.net/
Andrew J. Price @LegendaryPricey http://priceylync.blogspot.co.uk
Michael van Horenbeeck @mvanhorenbeeck http://www.pro-exchange.be/

A short description of each contributor can be found on the about page.

What’s our project

As announced by the teasers, we have started a new project. This time, not a project what we do for the living such as implementing/migrating Exchange or Lync but launching a new community service. Our plan is to produce a podcast which is related to both Exchange and Lync. We might invite some interesting guests to the podcasts in the future but that will be kept secret for now 😉 If you have any subject you would like to get discussed during a podcast or got a question which you would like to be answered, please drop a message via the contact form. Our goal is to publish a podcast every other week.

In the future we might expand this with other kind of casts but were looking at these options at the moment.

So that’s a short description of who we are and what we are working on. Our next blog will be the first podcast which will be recorded this week and posted soon after that.

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Johan Veldhuis

Johan Veldhuis is a Technical Consultant for Communicativ. Prior to working for Communicativ Johan worked several years for AXIANS a system integrator in The Netherlands, first as service desk engineer and later as server & storage engineer. Johan is a MCSE-M and MCITP and was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award (Exchange Server) for his contributions to the messaging and collaboration community. Johan has also his own website where he blogs and publishes tutorials mostly about Exchange. You can reach Johan at j.veldhuis@communicativ.nl. j.veldhuis@communicativ.nl or follow him on twitter via @jveldh

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  • John


    Hi Antony,For now we can file this under by design but I execpt it will be a bug. The issue is easily reproduced (did it in my lab and another production environment) and Microsoft is now aware of the problem at the development team. The extent of the problem is either MOC or the MCU should be re-writing this request as an audio only invite when it deteremines the invite from the MOC client itself is actually meant for a 3 way call and not a conference. If you examine the logs closely you will see that this call is initiated as a conference and not a PSTN call and includes audio and video information. I’m not sure if this will be a redesign at the MOC level or at the MCU level, or if it will be patched with a QFE, but know they are aware. I did work with someone who is using W14 and we are checking to see if they are seeing the same issue there. I hope to have an update for you soon and will post it back here with an article once the change/function is determined.As a side note, it is currently unsupported to utilize a MED server to SIP trunk direct configuration without an SBC and should also be considered a security risk. If you implement a gateawy such as an NET VX1200 or Audio Codes Mediant 1000 the gateway can be utilized to band-aid this behavior.Thanks for reading and a very interesting question, I’ll post back if I can find any more information!-kp


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