Welcome to the website of the UC Architects. Let’s start with a short description of who the contributors of The UC Architects website are and what our project is.

Who we are

All contributors of the website are people with a passion for Unified Communications. Most of these contributors are active in the Exchange and/or Lync community via:

  • Their own blog
  • Several forums (such as TechNet, Experts Exchange, Tek-Tips, etc.)
  • Blogs on other websites

The following people are the current group of contributors:

UC Architect Twitter Blog
Steve Goodman, MVP Exchange @SteveGoodman http://www.stevieg.org/
Pat Richard, MVP Skype for Business @PatRichard http://www.ehloworld.com/
Michel de Rooij, MVP Exchange @MDeRooij http://www.eightwone.com
Serkan Varoglu, MVP Exchange @SRKNVRGL http://www.get-mailbox.org/
Tom Arbuthnot, MVP Skype for Business, MCM Lync @TomArbuthnot http://lyncdup.com/
Dave Stork, MVP Exchange @DMStork http://blogs.dirteam.com/blogs/DaveStork/
John A Cook, MCM Exchange @JohnACook http://johnacook.wordpress.com/
Ståle Hansen, MVP Skype for Business @StaleHansen http://msunified.net/
Andrew J. Price, MVP Skype for Business @LegendaryPricey http://priceylync.blogspot.co.uk
Justin Morris, MVP Skype for Business @JustiMorris http://www.justin-morris.net/
Tim Harrington, MVP Skype for Business, MCM Lync @TWHarrington http://howdouc.blogspot.com/

A short description of each contributor can be found on the about page.

What’s our project

As announced by the teasers, we have started a new project. This time, not a project what we do for the living such as implementing/migrating Exchange or Lync but launching a new community service. Our plan is to produce a podcast which is related to both Exchange and Lync. We might invite some interesting guests to the podcasts in the future but that will be kept secret for now 😉 If you have any subject you would like to get discussed during a podcast or got a question which you would like to be answered, please drop a message via the contact form. Our goal is to publish a podcast every other week.

In the future we might expand this with other kind of casts but were looking at these options at the moment.

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