Lync Conference 2014: Attend Sessions By Members Of Our Group

Written by Pat Richard. Posted in Events

These are the sessions at Lync Conference 2014 that are being presented by members of The UC Architects. See the session list for more details, including times and dates once they become available.

Justin Morris: Understanding How Lync Server 2013 Leverages the Complete Microsoft Infrastructure Ecosystem (300 level breakout session)

Lync connects to and leverages key Microsoft technologies, driving efficiency through infrastructure and skills re-use . This session, I’ll cover how Lync uses SQL, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Windows Fabric, Office, Windows client, and other Microsoft technologies and the cost savings that result.  Note: Some content will be technical in nature, to help make it clear to practitioners how these business benefits are realized.

Justin Morris: Enhancing your Voice Rollout to Make it a Killer Success for the Business (200 level breakout session)

Learn about functionality you need to think of to meet all the business requirements during a UC rollout that Lync out of the box doesn’t provide. In this session, we’ll cover options regarding operator console, call center software, voicemail compliance, call recording, SBCs and other products that can enhance your deployment.

Tom Arbuthnot: 10 Keys to Ensure the Success of your Lync Deployment (200 level breakout session)

Join us for an interactive discussion detailing the lessons learned from an enterprise PBX replacement project.  We will detail 10 keys to ensure your project is a success.  Learn how IT operations and user experience change management are just as important as the technical infrastructure.

Ståle Hansen: Phone Number Management in Lync Server 2013 (400 level breakout session)

Ståle Hansen, the creator of Get-UnusedNumbers PowerShell script, walks through how phone number management is done throughout different Lync deployments. The session will start with some of the basics and will quickly move over to more advanced scripting and tools that can be utilized in user creation workflows and user management scenarios. Be sure to attend this session if you want tips on phone number management in your environment or customer deployments.

The UC Architects are pleased to announce….

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The UC Architects are pleased to announce The UC Architects Windows Phone App. Using this App, you can follow us when you’re mobile. The App contains information about The UC Architects such as latest tweets, who are the members, which episodes are available and the latest news about The UC Architects. And, of course, you can download the podcast episodes for your listening enjoyment.

When the App has launched you will see the “Home” page being displayed:


Home screen

The Home screen contains the last news article and the latest episode released. From this page, you can directly jump to more details about the latest episode. We will have a look at the detail page later.


News screen

The next screen in the app is the “news” screen where we will regularly post news about The UC Architects as extend of our Facebook, Linkedin Group and Twitter account.  Now to the screen which we are the most proud of our recorded Podcasts. At the moment of making the screenshot episode 20 was the latest episode which was available. As soon as the next episode you will see it appear here.


Podcasts screen

You can click on each episode to go to the detail screen.


Podcast details screen

This screen contain the details about the specific episode. As you can see there are three buttons available:

  • play, which plays the current episode
  • pause, to pause listening
  • download, which gives you the ability to download the episode

Some remarks must be made about this options:

  • by default only downloaded episodes can be played
  • downloading an episode can only be done when connected via WiFi and attached to an external power source
  • downloaded content is only available in The UC Architects Windows Phone App and not from outside
  • episodes will stay on the phone unless:
    • you clean them up by using the “settings” option in the App
    • by removing the App which is one thing you hopefully won’t do

You can change this options if you like however. But there are some things you will need to keep in mind:

  • using the streaming option will cause a lot of data traffic so may lead to high costs if connected via a mobile network
  • downloading when working on battery will have an impact on the battery life

All options can be changed via the settings menu which is available in the Appbar at the bottom of the screen. We will have a look at this later in the blog.


Twitter screen

The twitter part of the app contains the last tweets from The UC Architects twitter account. You can only read the tweets as we don’t have a built-in twitter client in the app. And last but not least, the About screen contains info about the contributors of The UC Architects.


About screen

By selecting a member you will go to the detail screen which contains more info about the specific member.


About Details screen

In this release it is only possible to view the details and not select any twitter or website address, however this may change in the future.

We already talked about the appbar which is available in the app so let’s have a look at it briefly.



The appbar is only available on the “main”  screen of the app and contains a few options:

  • refresh: refreshes the downloaded data
  • settings: navigates to the settings screen
  • view active downloads: navigates to a screen which contains all active downloads
  • info: will show some app information such as the version number

Let’s look at the settings screen in more detail.


Download screen

It contains two subpages the first one is the download screen which let’s you configure the download settings from the app. Please keep the remarks in mind earlier in this blog. The file page contains a list of all downloaded episodes and has the option to delete either a specific episode or all episodes.

The active downloads screen contains all downloads which are in progress or are queued for downloading. If you want to abort the download just press the cancel button.


Active Downloads screen

So this was a short description of how our own Windows Phone App looks like. It is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8.x and can be downloaded via the Windows Phone App Store or by using the link below: