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Episode 1: In the Beginning…

Written by Pat Richard. Posted in Podcasts

The first episode has been recorded. See the summary below for more information. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


Title In The Beginning…
Published 2012-06-18
Topics 00:10:55 Exchange 2010 SP2 UR3 – Added features and bugs fixed. Installation complexities.
00:31:30 Importance of a development/lab environment for testing and demos.
00:34:10 Who’s going to MEC (Microsoft Exchange Conference)? Not Steve!
00:34:50 TechEd 2012 vs. MEC
00:39:58 Exchange “15”
00:42:19 Public folders
00:51:30 Simultaneous product releases
00:51:57 Running multiple versions of Office products, upgrading client apps
00:54:55 End of Edge Transport? Alternative approaches to messaging hygiene
00:59:35 Desired features of the next version of Exchange
01:00:00 Centralized (roaming) signatures
01:02:50 Archiving
01:05:30 The coming week and points of interest
Host Steve Goodman
Co-hosts: Exchange Michael Van Horenbeeck, John A. Cook, Serkan Varoglu, Dave Stork
Co-hosts: Lync
Episode # 1
Length 1:13:04



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Microsoft Exchange Conference 2012


Written by Johan Veldhuis. Posted in Podcasts

Welcome to the website of the UC Architects. Let’s start with a short description of who the contributors of The UC Architects website are and what our project is.

Who we are

All contributors of the website are people with a passion for Unified Communications. Most of these contributors are active in the Exchange and/or Lync community via:

  • Their own blog
  • Several forums (such as Technet, Experts Exchange, etc.)
  • Blogs on other websites

The following people are the current group of contributors:


UC Architect Twitter Blog
Steve Goodman, MVP Exchange @stevegoodman
Pat Richard, MVP Exchange @patrichard
Michel de Rooij @mderooij
Serkan Varoglu @SRKNVRGL
Johan Veldhuis, MVP Exchange @jveldh
Tom Arbuthnot, MVP Lync @tomarbuthnot
Mahmoud Magdy, MVP Exchange @_busbar
Dave Stork @dmstork
John A Cook @johnacook
Paul Cunningham @ExchServPro
Ståle Hansen, MVP Lync @StaleHansen
Andrew J. Price @LegendaryPricey
Michael van Horenbeeck @mvanhorenbeeck

A short description of each contributor can be found on the about page.

What’s our project

As announced by the teasers, we have started a new project. This time, not a project what we do for the living such as implementing/migrating Exchange or Lync but launching a new community service. Our plan is to produce a podcast which is related to both Exchange and Lync. We might invite some interesting guests to the podcasts in the future but that will be kept secret for now 😉 If you have any subject you would like to get discussed during a podcast or got a question which you would like to be answered, please drop a message via the contact form. Our goal is to publish a podcast every other week.

In the future we might expand this with other kind of casts but were looking at these options at the moment.

So that’s a short description of who we are and what we are working on. Our next blog will be the first podcast which will be recorded this week and posted soon after that.