Product Review Guidelines

We have received some requests for reviews of various products and services. We have created this page to answer many of the questions we receive. If have questions that are not answered here, our would like to submit a product/service for review, please feel free to contact us at


  1. No demo software. NFR copies are fine. If the product is server-side and licensed per user, a minimum of 25 user licenses is required. If it is client side, a single license is required. If it’s a per-server license, enough licenses to perform a HA deployment.


  1. For hardware with a retail price of under $1000, the reviewer keeps the hardware. For hardware with a retail value of more than $1000, vendor must supply all packing materials, shipping labels, and return shipping costs. If shipping overseas, vendor must cover all import taxes/fees. In the event an item is damaged in shipping, or lost in transit, vendor is responsible for replacement.


  1. For online services, the review account should be valid for at least 180 days.


  1. Reviewer gets choice of eBook or printed copy (when both are available from publisher).
  2. 5 copies must be provided to give away to listeners – we provide shipping details to publisher of winners so they ship direct/receive eBook. Same agreement for import duty as hardware.


  1. Reviewer cannot be chosen by name. The UC Architects group retains the right to pick the reviewer based on interest, convenience, and availability.
  2. Product must be related to either Lync or Exchange including Exchange/Lync Online, or any third-party solution that is in connection with these products.
  3. Vendor does not get editorial control. Review is published – whether it’s positive or negative. In the event of an overly negative review, we will attempt to notify the vendor ahead of time for comments/questions.
  4. Vendor should not expect to attend the recording of the episode in which the review appears, however we reserve the right to invite a vendor.
  5. The UCA member who does the review can publish the review on their own site, at their discretion. While the overall opinion between the blog version and podcast would be the same, actual wording can be different between the two.
  6. Product reviews are not tied to podcast sponsorships.
  7. We agree to have the review on an episode within 60 days of receiving the item(s), assuming there is no other queued review items.
  8. Vendor can choose how many UCA members they want to do a review (think single person review or group discussion), but vendor must supply separate items for each person involved in the review. Vendor would need to accept that having multiple people review their product may impact how soon the review is on an episode.
  9. The vendor understands these are independent reviews and not the opinion of the companies we work for, and partner status (if any) cannot be negatively affected as a result of the review. E.g. if the company one of us works for is a partner and they know, they can’t demand we take the review down by hassling our employer. If they do, we’ll call them out on it publicly. Additionally, vendor cannot contact any other sponsors in an effort to affect their relationship with The UC Architects.
  10. Reviews appear on the podcast itself, and not on the website with the exception of the summary page for the episode in which the review appears.
  11. In the event a vendor is shipping more than 1 item for the purposes of multi-host reviews or giveaways, vendor must ship those items directly to the individuals, or cover shipping from a common location.

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