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Episode 3: Conversations All Around Me!

Written by Pat Richard. Posted in Podcasts

The third episode is now available. See the summary below for more information. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


Title Conversations All Around Me!
Published 2012-07-16
Topics 00:00:00 Introductions00:06:25 Live@EDU/Office00:21:45 Upcoming certificate changes that affect Exchange and Lync. Includes thinking on Active Directory planning and techniques.

00:42:55 Windows 8 and Windows 2012 impact on Unified Communications. Includes discussion on Microsoft Surface and tablet devices

00:52:55 Questions from Facebook, including merging/migrating two Lync organizations

1:02:56 Tools for troubleshooting Lync

Links Paul Cunningham’s Installing Exchange Server 2010 on Windows Server 8 Beta

Mahmoud Magdy’s No More .local Names in Certificates in November 2015

Jeff Guillet’s Introducing LyncAddContacts!

Microsoft’s CS Contact Importer

Host Steve Goodman
Co-hosts: Exchange Mahmoud Magdy
Co-hosts: Lync Tom Arbuthnot, Justin Morris, Ståle Hansen
Episode # 3
Length 1:06:13



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